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Coke Making Plant

Perantech is also proud to supply any raw material for the production of cast iron. As one of the most important ingredients in blast furnaces, metallurgical coke helps produce pig iron. They serve mainly as a support for the iron-bearing burden, which is why slag and liquid metal can flow downward to the hearth plate and gases can flow upward. The better it performs this task, the higher the productivity, lower the coke rate and lower the pig iron costs. That is why Perantech is constantly looking for high-grade coke.  High quality metallurgical coke is characterized by low content of impurities, high thermal energy, high metal reduction and optimal permeability for the flow of gaseous and molten products.


Metallurgical coke is produced by destructive distillation of coal in coke oven batteries consisting of 10 to 100 coke ovens working together. The initially crushed and mixed coal is heated in the ovens to around 1,250 °C for up to 18 hours. This distillation process in an oxygen-free atmosphere results in the evaporation of all volatile components. This produces metallurgical coke and a large amount of gas and smoke as a by-product. The coke is then unloaded onto the quenching car by a pusher and transported to the quenching tower, where it is cooled with water. Before the coke is used as fuel in the blast furnaces, it undergoes a crushing and screening process. However, the gas can be purified to obtain coke oven gas or other valuable by-products such as sulphur or ammonia.