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Engineering and Supply for Industrial Projects

About us

Perantech is your supplier and service provider in the metal industry. Our services are versatile and include plant design, process design, construction supervision and commissioning as well as equipment design and configuration including supply of components. Our customers are active in the steel production, copper works, mining, energy and non-ferrous metal sectors. Due to our excellent know-how and our special approach as well as project analysis, we have been able to gain the trust of our customers. With our global presence and international offices, we can respond quickly to customer requests. A partnership relationship with our customers is important to us. Perantech is committed to the well-being of all employees, which is also firmly anchored in the company's values. The personal development of each employee, equal opportunities as well as work-life balance are a matter of course for us.


Our Vision

We, Perantech, want to become one of the best engineering and supply companies in the metal industry worldwide. Perantech stands for its very special approach to the management of engineering and supply projects through a special know-how and an integrated techno-commercial project analysis. This brings project cost reductions, fast reactions and consequently the

special customer satisfaction.


Our Mission

The skills and competencies of our employees enable us to continuously raise the expectations of our customers and suppliers. Through sustainable solutions, our performance contributes to the protection of the environment. We want to be part of the bigger picture and give our best to influence the market with value and quality. Perantech stands for building solutions.


Our Values

  • Team spirit: We are Perantech. Only together can we achieve our goals. Each employee supports the company with his or her individual strengths.
  • Respect & appreciation: We always treat our employees, customers and partners with respect and appreciation.
  • Confidence in our abilities: We constantly promote the skills and know-how of all employees at Perantech. At the same time, we are open to criticism. We use mistakes to learn from them and continuously improve.
  • Reliability: We keep our promises and commitments to employees, customers and
  • other business partners: Customer focus, The needs of our international customers are diverse.  Our customers are our focus and we constantly adapt our services to their needs. In line with our slogan "We build solutions", we at Perantech always find a convincing solution. Even for complex requirements, we can always offer a solution and strengthen the partnership relationship with our customers.
  • Courage: We do not shy away from new challenges and are willing to break new ground. New challenges are our motivation for continuous improvement.
  • Cultural diversity: Each employee makes an individual contribution to the success of Perantech. We see cultural diversity as an enrichment and strength.


We keep our earth green and clean

Ecological and social aspects are essential for Perantech. In times of climate change, environmental awareness is becoming increasingly relevant. We are also aware of this challenge. Climate and environmental protection play a major role at Perantech.  Together, we are working to steadily increase sustainability awareness both inside and outside the company. Sustainable use of resources has become a matter of course for us. Our solutions and performance, which we offer to our customers, are also increasingly ecological, with the aim of reducing CO2 emissions, among other things. Furthermore, Perantech assumes social responsibility. Social commitment in our environment has a high priority. For example, Perantech has been supporting social activities such as sports clubs for some time.  Perantech is aware of its environmental and social responsibility, which is why our support is long-term.